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20th Anniversary Celebration

The 20th anniversary of Rock Solid Projects Group was recently celebrated at the VDMG ENGINEERING, Inc campus. In attendance were not only the employees and partners of Rock Solid Projects Group but also members of the city administration, and clients from all over the world.

Addressed Corporation Rock Solid Projects Group, its founder Vladimir Feldman - sounded a lot of warm and sincere words.

Initially, in the conference - guests were shown a film about the history and formation of the corporation Rock Solid Projects Group.

A short video created by the employees covering big milestones, history of the corporation and creation of each of the six companies, and many other highlights were played for the audience. Following which, everyone was invited to the patio, where the heads of enterprises and their employees were presented with letters of appreciation and monetary awards.

The city manager, Joan Livingston, congratulating the corporation's employees, paid special attention to the social orientation of its activities, the professionalism of employees and thanked the talented and dedicated leaders, stressing that for many years, the corporation existed as one of the leaders in the construction industry of America and Israel, carrying out work for the industrial, civil and agro-industrial sector.

Corporation's president Vladimir Feldman speaking noted that 2014 for  Rock Solid Projects Group  is not only outstanding because it is the anniversary year, but also it was a record year. Noting that it successfully carried out simultaneously 18 major projects in the American, African and Asian continents.

Dealing directly with the team, he said in part:

"Dear colleagues, today our company achieved 20 years! Lot or a little!? I think that this is the age when there is experience and wisdom, but at the same time youth, vigor and fresh ideas. I congratulate you on this wonderful date and I wish all the work in our corporation with great pleasure and dedication! Let you be comfortable and cozy in the team! "