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Rock Solid Project Group is a world-renowned developer of projects in the field of greenhouse agriculture and horticultural industry.

Rock Solid Project Group designs, manufactures, supplies and builds "turnkey" greenehouse complexes of different sizes, shapes, level of equipmen. New, 2015 generation models:

  • Amber;
  • Labladorite;
  • Aventurine;
  • Sapphire;
  • Moonstone;
  • Fulfillment Center;

We would like to note that our greenhouses are fully automated and controlled by specially created computer programs that are constantly being improved. Computer control system provide temperature and humidity control, controlled reflux based on the data of temperature in a greenhouse. This multi-function improves control and reduces operating costs. Each of our projects is unique, together with the client, we define the best and most suitable option for the development of its business. Our professionals provide clients with solutions prepared on the basis of the individual technical requirements based on standards of high quality, cost-effectiveness, and accomodation to any specific climatic conditions. Such coordination allows us planning stages of the project, to minimize disruption of your business, to ensure high quality of our work.

At the time of project implementation and providing customer-effective production technologies, our engineers set up the equipment in accordance with the requirements and needs of the client, based on their experience. As a result, our clients benefit from the highest quality products, innovative technology, our experience and knowledge. A distinctive feature of our project is not only full automation, but simple maintenance of our equipment, which ensures the smooth functioning of all the systems involved in the cultivation technology. We offer computerized climate control systems in greenhouses, which include all the necessary software. The climate system may be as individual stand-alone devices or fully integrated system that have full control over the process of growth and maturation of the crop.

In agreement with the customer, we complete the following project systems:

  • Supplementary lighting system of plants;
  • System heating;
  • System power supply;
  • Active and passive system ventilation;
  • System rainwater drainage;
  • System protection of mosquito nets;
  • System blinds drawing;
  • System mechanical support of plants;
  • System irrigation and water supply;
  • Hydroponic System;

We possess a wealth of experience in the design and installation of various types of greenhouses and systems enabling favorable conditions for growth and ensuring high yields. Our projects and equipment always meet the needs of the customer and climatic conditions, while equipped with the best technology at the most efficient price. Rock solid Project Group  greenhouses are verified experimentally in different climatic zones and under different growing conditions. 
Using these advantages, Rock Solid Project Group may develop a project suitable to your needs. You get two in one - a builder of greenhouses and a company that provides "turnkey" projects.